Final walk - Miss Teen Diva Doll 1st generation, Venus Patricia Wilanda From Philippines.

If you think every girl wants to be a princess and wear a crown on her head. I am definitely one of them. I believe that many young girls have a desire to be like me. As a miss teen diva doll I received as a reward in life that comes with making a kid like me grow up. Who would have thought that a girl born of an island land from the Philippines like me could be an example to many young girls Thank you everyone for supporting me. Including MDD organization that saw the potential in me and chose me to be the first miss teen diva doll. because in the night sky there cannot be a single star There will be a new star in the sky tonight, just like me. Welcome to the edge of our kitchen I hope you guys will love and support her like me. "Salamat"



Miss Diva Doll